Burajet SCH 8032/SCH

Burajet SCH 8032/SCH

Burajet SCH 8032/SCH


Burajet SCH 8032/SCH is a graphite injectable compound with a paraffin oil-based lubricant. Depending on the application a special retention can be necessary. A special retention of two braided packing rings (e.g. Isartherm-Flex 6050 or Isartherm K-Flex 6051) can be installed. Developed especially for higher temperature valve applications.


  • Excellent sliding abilities
  • Shutdown time reduction
  • Worn shafts do not have to be replaced or reworked
  • Reduction of leakage and frictional forces
  • Outstanding adaptability, even in asymmetrical stuffing box rooms

Operating range

Pressure: p = 100 bar (valves)
Sliding velocity: vg = 2 m/s (valves)
Temperature: t = -30 °C ... +450 °C
Chemical resistance: pH = 0 ... 14


8032/SCW (white, PTFE based compound)
8032/SCB (black, PTFE/Graphite based compound)
8032/SCA (Aramid based compound)


Burajet SCH 8032/SCH is quite economic because of due to the ability to reinject packing during normal plant operation. Easy to assemble by hand or with an injection gun.

Forms of supply

1 kg, 5 kg cans
(Anti-extrusion rings Isartherm Flex 6050 or Isartherm K-Flex 6051 supplied by the metre, please quote the crosssection)

Product variants

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