Spiraltherm Graphite 9594

Spiraltherm Graphite 9594

Spiraltherm Graphite 9594

Spiraltherm Graphite 9594


Spiraltherm Graphite 9594 spiral wound gaskets are made of a V-shape profiled stainless steel tape with spiral wise wound graphite filler tapes. Both ends of the steel tape are spot-welded. These metallic gaskets are manufactured in several combinations of materials with a wide range of dimensions and geometry. Spiraltherm Graphite 9594 spiral wound gaskets are widely used in refineries, the chemical and petrochemical industry as well as in the power generation industry.

Spiraltherm Graphite 9594/NFS Spiral wound gaskets f. e. for nuclear power stations can be supplied with compression curve calibration and documentation.


  • Excellent load distribution
  • Easy installation
  • Solid construction
  • Easy handling
  • Exceptionally high operating reliability
  • Great resilience (approx. 10 % of un-compressed height)
  • Stability and sealability even under severe conditions
  • Stable and reliable sealing performance even under frequent pressure cycle

Operating range

Pressure: p = up to 400 bar (Class 2,500 lbs) for flanges according to EN or ASME standard
Temperature: t = -200 °C … +550 °C
(higher temp. possible in inert atmosphere)
Chemical resistance: pH = 0 … 14


Metal winding: Stainless steels - most common are: AISI 316L, 316, 304, 304L, 321 (1.4541), 316 Ti (1.4571), 347… Special alloy windings available e.g. Monel®, Incolloy®, Hastelloy®, Titanium…
Filler materials: In order to prevent oxidation at elevated temperatures, a high quality graphite (99.85 % pure graphite filler) with oxidation inhibitor can be offered.

Standards and approvals

  • TA-Luft for # 9584/GIA
  • Germanischer Lloyd 44510 HH
  • BAM (reactivity with oxygen) on request.


9584/... (98 % pure graphite filler)
9594/... (99.85 % pure graphite filler)
9595/... (pure PTFE filler)
9596/... (mica filler)
9594/ ... R (graphite filler with low sulfur < 200 ppm and water soluble sulfate < 100 ppm content)


Spiraltherm Graphite 9594 gaskets filled with graphite are Fire Safe.

Forms of supply

95...NF for flanges with tongue and groove
95...VRI for flanges with projection and recess with inner ring
95...GIA for flanges with flat faced with inner and outer ring
95...GA for flanges with flat face with outer ring
9594/NFS deformation characteristic (compression curve)

Product variants

Spiraltherm Graphite 9594/GA
Spiral wound gasket with outer guide ring.
Standard type for raised face flange connections.
Spiraltherm Graphite 9594/GIA
Spiral wound gasket with inner and outer guide ring. This style offers the best performance for raised-face flange connections.
The inner ring is used to provide:
- Avoid over-compression at elevated seating loads in high pressure service
- Reduced turbulence within the flange area and protects against corrosion or erosion
- Improvement of the load distribution over the gasket

Spiraltherm Graphite 9594/NF
Spiral wound gasket without guide or inner ring.
This style of gasket is used in load-bearing flange configurations, such as tongue and groove flanges.
Standard dimensions according to EN/ASME.
Spiraltherm Graphite 9594/VR
Spiral wound gasket without inner ring or outer guide ring.
Mainly used for male and female flanges or projection and recess flanges.

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