Buramex SF 6335

Buramex SF 6335

Buramex SF 6335


Buramex SF 6335 is made from diagonally braided Nomex (100 % white, elastic synthetic fibers) white aramid-based yarn with a silicon-free lubricant. This is a universal, wear-resistant packing which is very useful to standardize whole branches of industry - including those with abrasive media. The packing is successfully applied in many industries, when a clean, economic and easy packing is required, like pulp and paper, sugar, breweries, waste water treatment, or water treatment in power plants, cooling water applications, abrasive river water and in turbine oil circuits.


  • High cross-sectional tightness
  • Very good structural stability
  • Good sliding properties
  • Is gentle to the shaft

Operating range

p (pumps) = 25 bar,
p (valves) = 100 bar,
p (plunger pumps) = 50 bar,
p (mixers, agitators, kneaders, filters) = 25 bar
Sliding velocity:
vg (pumps) = 25 m/s,
vg (valves) = 2 m/s,
vg (plunger pumps) = 2 m/s,
vg (mixers, agitators, kneaders, filters) = 2 m/s
t = -50 °C ... +250 °C, steam +180 °C
Chemical resistance: pH = 1 ... 13

Standards and approvals

  • FDA US 21 CFR 170,3 (i)
  • EU10/2011
  • 2023/2006


6335/AK (braiding in AK-profile)
6335/TR (braiding as a non lubricated version)


Resistant in drinking water, food, adhesive media like bitumen or glue, abrasive media like lime, sand, sugar, salt, colours, laquers, turbine oils.

Forms of supply

Content of boxes
up to 6 mm: 1 kg; up to 10 mm: 2 kg; up to 13 mm: 3 kg; From 14 mm: 5 kg; from 25 mm: 10k g
Supplied by the metre, pre-cuts, die-pressed rings with straight or slanted cut.

Product variants