Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF

Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF

Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF

Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF


Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF is a self adhesive sealant tape made from 100% (Teflon) ePTFE. The production process creates a microporous, mono-directional fiber structure (ePTFE), that gives the seal its special properties. The adhesive strip protected by a masking paper on the rectangular seal face makes fixing the sealing tape to the flange surface very easy and simple.


  • Very good adaptability
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • No agening

Operating range

Temperature: t = -240 °C ... +270 °C
short term up to +315 °C
Chemical resistance: pH = 0 … 14

Resistant to all media, except diluted and molten alkali metals as well as elementary fluorine at temperatures t > 150 °C and pressures p > 40 bar.

Standards and approvals

  • FDA 21


The pressure resistance depends only on installation and operating conditions. Please check our installation and maintenance instructions. With the self adhesive strip on one side, the tape is easy to install. The sealant tape is not subject to ageing. The adhesive life depends on the storage and installation conditions.

Forms of supply

Supplied on rolls,
Lengths 5, 10, 25 and 50 m
Width (mm) x Height (mm)
3 x 1,5
5 x 2
7 x 2,5
10 x 3
12 x 4
14 x 5
17 x 6
20 x 7
28 x 5
40 x 5

Product variants