Burajet 8032/HHP
Injection Device

Burajet 8032/HHP
Injection Device

Burajet 8032/HHP <br/>Injection Device

Burajet 8032/HHP
Injection Device


Hydraulic injection device for easy injection of fibre compound into stuffing box. The change to an injectable fibre system is easy and without great technical demands.


One gun can be used for many installations on site.

Functional description

Using a packing remover (Art. No. 9611) the old packing can be taken out. The Burajet fibre compound is then injected between two anti-extrusion rings in the stuffing box. The filling can first be done by hand (when stuffing box gland is removed). A final filling uses the injection device. Refilling can be carried out while the machine is operating.
injection is generally carried out through the flush/lantern connection since Burajet packing does not usually require cooling/flush water.


Equipment consisting of:
hydraulic cylinder with hand lever,
injection bore at latern/flushing connection,
Valve and pressure hose with pressure gauge.

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