MAK685 - Product variants

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PEEK carbon fiber can variant
{u'ApplicationOperationalArea': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>Centrifugal pumps</li>\n</ul>', u'IDProductItem': '1534', u'IDProductInfo': '2913', u'RecipientPhone': '', u'OperatingLimits': 'Shaft diameter: d = ... 40 mm (1,57")<br/>\nPressure: p = 40 bar (580 PSI)<br/>\nTemperature: t = -40 \xc2\xb0C ... +250 \xc2\xb0C (-40 \xc2\xb0F ... +482 \xc2\xb0F) (SmCo), <br/>+120 \xc2\xb0C (+248 \xc2\xb0F) (NdFeB)<br/>\nSpeed: n = 3,600 min<sup>-1</sup><br/>\nChemical resistance: pH 0 \xe2\x80\xa6 14<br/>\nViscosity: 0.3 \xe2\x80\xa6 5,000 mPas (SiC)<br/>\nTorque: 434 Nm<br/>\nSolids: max. 0.1 mm; max. 5 % by weight; grain hardness max. 700 HV', u'Note': 'Different variants are available to meet specific requirements:\n<br/><br/>\n<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>High temperature variant</li>\n<li>High pressure can</li>\n<li>PEEK carbon fiber can</li>\n</ul>', u'TechnicalData': 'Magnetic couplings (MAK) are a hermetic sealing solution for pumps and agitators. Dangerous or precious media remain isolated in the closed system circuit.', u'Online': 'true', u'DrawingProduct': 'None', u'Level2ProductGroup_Group': 'None', u'ProductDomain': 'None', u'IDProductItemH': '1524', u'Description': '', u'TorqueTransmission': '', u'InquiryClass': '', u'PageHeader': 'MAK685', u'MailRecipient': '', u'Level1ProductRange_Range': '', u'DrawingInstallation': '', u'Level3ProductSection_Section': '', u'IDInquiryClass': '', u'StructureLevel': 'Group', u'SupplySystem': '', u'SeatAlternative': '', u'Language': 'en-US', u'MediaResistance': '', u'DescriptionHeader': '', u'RecipientName': '', u'Position': '2', u'ApplicationBranch': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>Oil and gas industry</li>\n<li>Refining technology</li>\n</ul>', u'DimensionHeader': 'None', u'Dimension': '', u'UID': '5d444659642a559e550ead373453e7a0', u'TechnicalDiagram': '', u'Features': 'The power transmission occurs contact-free through magnets from the drive shaft to the product wetted output shaft. Between the two rotating parts is the can wich is bolted to the container.', u'Certification': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>API 685</li>\n</ul>', u'DescriptionText': '', u'SealCodes': '', u'MaterialCombination': 'Sliding faces: Silicon carbide SiC (Q1),<br/>\nCarbon silicon impregnated SiC-C-Si (Q3),<br/>\nCarbon graphite resin impregnated (B)<br/>\nMagnets: Samarium Cobalt (MA3), <br/>Neodymium-Iron-Boron (MA8)<br/>\nMetal parts: CrNiMo steel 1.4571 (G), CrNiMo steel 1.4462 (G1), Hastelloy\xc2\xae C-4 2.4610 (M)', u'ProductVariant': 'None', u'ProductName': 'MAK685', u'ArticleNumber': '', u'SupplyForm': '', u'IDSealDrawing': '', u'GenerateMeasurement': '', u'DescriptionList': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>Magnetic coupling for applications acc. to API 685 (similar to API610)</li>\n<li>Hermetically sealed</li>\n<li>No contact of torque transmitting elements</li>\n<li>No maintenance necessary</li>\n<li>Hastelloy\xc2\xae can available</li>\n<li>High efficiency can optional</li>\n<li>Product-lubricated sliding bearings included</li>\n</ul>', u'ApplicationMedia': ''}