Sealing solutions for multiphase applications

Multiphase pumps can pump mixtures containing oil, water, and gas and transport them over long distances in a single pipeline to separation. Therefore, separation of the oil from the gas and associated flaring of the off-gas is not required near the well head. The pumps are used on- and offshore as well as subsea.

The pump types most frequently used are twin screw and helico-axial pumps, whose seals must simultaneously seal off liquid and gas. One of the challenges in this application is that the composition of the media fluctuates between 100 percent gas and 100 percent liquid. Transient operating  conditions thus result for the pump and its mechanical seals, not to mention the fact that the media frequently contains waxes and sand, which may have considerable adhesive and abrasive properties.

For multiphase applications, EagleBurgmann uses particularly robust mechanical seals with extremely hard sliding materials, which have already become standard in many multiphase pumps offered by leading manufacturers. The range includes different types of single seals and buffered dual seals with pressurization via barrier fluid circulations systems.

Additional information on midstream applications can be found in our competence brochure (see PDF download on the right)!

Sealing solutions for pipeline pumps

Extreme geological and climatic conditions characterize the global network of pipelines. Changes in altitude and long distances between pump stations, as well as limited access to the plants for servicing, maintenance and repair, place high demands on reliable technical equipment.

When it comes to sealing aggressive and abrasive crude oil, reliability and extended service intervals are required. Challenging conditions place high demands on the design limits of sealing and supply systems, which can handle frequent stop / starts and occasional pressure reversals or reverse pump rotation. Pressures up to 160 bar (2,320 PSI), ambient temperatures ranging from –55 °C ... +60 °C (–67 °F ... 140 °F), sliding velocities up to 60 m/s (197 ft/s), and high oscillation loads that must be compensated.

To meet this broad range of special demands, EagleBurgmann leverages proven sealing concepts that are adapted to meet individual application requirements in close collaboration with plant engineers, pump manufacturers, and operators.


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