eCartex ANSI
Single seals - Product variants

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eCartex-ASTN and -ABTN
Single seal for operation with unpressurized quench for standard (S) and big bore (B) seal chambers. Same as eCartex-ASPN and -ABPN but with throttle ring (item 16) The cover has auxiliary connections for flushing and quench. Throttle ring: PTFE carbon-graphite reinforced (T12).
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eCartex-ASQN and -ABQN
Single seal for operation with unpressurized quench for standard (S) and big bore (B) seal chambers. Same as eCartex-ASPN and -ABPN version but with lip seal (item 16) at the atmospheric side. The cover has auxiliary connections for flushing and quench. Lip seal: NBR (P), PTFE carbon reinforced (T3)
{u'ApplicationOperationalArea': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>ANSI process pumps</li>\n</ul>', u'IDProductItem': '4182', u'IDProductInfo': '12286', u'StructureLevel': 'Section', u'OperatingLimits': 'Shaft diameter: d1 = 1.000" ... 3.750"<br/>\nOther sizes on request<br/>\nTemperature: <br/>t= -40 \xc2\xb0C ... 220 \xc2\xb0C (-40 \xc2\xb0F ... 428 \xc2\xb0F)<br/>\n(Check O-Ring resistance)<br/>\n<br/>\nSliding face material combination BQ1<br/>\nPressure: p1 = 25 bar (363 PSI)<br/>\nSliding velocity: vg = 16 m/s (52 ft/s)<br/>\n<br/>\nSliding face material combination Q1Q1 or U2Q1<br/>\nPressure: p1 = 12 bar (174 PSI)<br/>\nSliding velocity: vg = 10 m/s (33 ft/s)<br/>\n<br/>\nAxial movement: <br/>\xc2\xb11.0 mm, d<sub>1</sub> \xe2\x89\xa575 mm \xc2\xb11.5 mm', u'Note': '', u'TechnicalData': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>Single seal</li>\n<li>Available for standard (eCartex-ASPN) and big bore (eCartex-ABPN) seal chambers</li>\n<li>Cartridge</li>\n<li>Balanced</li>\n<li>Independent of direction of rotation</li>\n<li>Single seals with flush (-ASPN, -ABPN) and with quench combined with lip seal (-ASQN, -ABQN) or throttle ring (-ASTN, -ABTN)</li>\n</ul>', u'Online': 'true', u'DrawingProduct': 'None', u'Level2ProductGroup_Group': '', u'ProductDomain': 'None', u'IDProductItemH': '14', u'Description': '', u'TorqueTransmission': '', u'GenerateMeasurement': '', u'InquiryClass': '', u'MailRecipient': '', u'Level1ProductRange_Range': '', u'DrawingInstallation': 'None', u'Level3ProductSection_Section': 'None', u'IDInquiryClass': '', u'RecipientPhone': '', u'SupplySystem': '', u'SeatAlternative': '', u'Language': 'en-US', u'MediaResistance': '', u'DescriptionHeader': '', u'RecipientName': '', u'Position': '10', u'ApplicationBranch': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>Process industry</li>\n<li>Petrochemical industry</li>\n<li>Chemical industry</li>\n<li>Pharmaceutical industry</li>\n<li>Power plant technology</li>\n<li>Pulp and paper industry</li>\n<li>Water and waste water technology</li>\n<li>Mining industry</li>\n<li>Food and beverage industry</li>\n</ul>', u'DimensionHeader': 'None', u'Dimension': '', u'UID': 'ec0904b3a0d3cbc6905155130c502c89', u'TechnicalDiagram': '', u'Features': '', u'Certification': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>ANSI</li>\n</ul>', u'DescriptionText': 'eCartex mechanical seals are fully preassembled. They are balanced, can be used in either direction of rotation and come with all the connections you need for the most common modes of operation.', u'SealCodes': '', u'MaterialCombination': 'Seal face: Silicon carbide DiamondFace (Q15) <br/>\nSeat: Silicon carbide DiamondFace (Q15) <br/>\nSecondary seals: FKM (V), EPDM (E), FFKM (K), Perfluorcarbon rubber/PTFE (U1) <br/>\nSprings: Hastelloy\xc2\xae C-4 (M) <br/>\nMetal parts: CrNiMo steel (G), CrNiMo cast steel (G)', u'ProductVariant': 'None', u'ProductName': 'eCartex ANSI Single seals', u'ArticleNumber': '', u'SupplyForm': '', u'IDSealDrawing': '', u'PageHeader': 'eCartex ANSI <br/>Single seals', u'ApplicationMedia': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>Universally applicable</li>\n</ul>', u'DescriptionList': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li><b>The series has sliding surfaces that are equipped with EagleBurgmann DiamondFace technology as standard</b></li>\n<li>Up to 80 % less energy consumption and minimized heat generation of seal due to friction-reducing DiamondFace layer</li>\n<li>Up to 100 % extended operating period, prolongation of MTBF and MTBR intervals</li>\n<li>Significantly improved dry-run capability for inadequately lubricated sealing surfaces, thus vastly improved process safety</li>\n<li>Universally applicable, even with high solids content in the medium</li>\n</ul>'}