SPL Level indicator - Product variants

Technical data SPL2000
Designation SPL2000
Allowable pressure 63 bar
(914 PSI)
Allowable temperature 200 °C (392 °F)
Min. density of medium 0.7 g/cm3
Materials / weight
Wetted parts 1.4571
Floater Titanium
Net weight (approx.) 5 kg (11 lb)
Version with SPK2000 contact unit for limit measurements available.
{u'ApplicationOperationalArea': '', u'IDProductItem': '1231', u'IDProductInfo': '2382', u'RecipientPhone': '', u'OperatingLimits': '', u'Note': 'Please quote the density of the buffer fluid when placing your order.', u'TechnicalData': 'The tank-top mounted level indicators of the SPL range are used for continuous measuring, indication and monitoring of fluid levels. The level indicator consists of a vertical pipe with an integrated floating ball and a magnet system. The indicator strip can be positioned through 360\xc2\xb0 and is fixed to the outside of the vertical pipe.', u'Online': 'true', u'DrawingProduct': '', u'Level2ProductGroup_Group': 'None', u'ProductDomain': 'None', u'IDProductItemH': '1195', u'Description': '', u'TorqueTransmission': '', u'InquiryClass': '', u'PageHeader': 'SPL Level indicator', u'MailRecipient': '', u'Level1ProductRange_Range': '', u'DrawingInstallation': '', u'Level3ProductSection_Section': '', u'IDInquiryClass': '', u'StructureLevel': 'Group', u'SupplySystem': '', u'SeatAlternative': '', u'Language': 'en-US', u'MediaResistance': '', u'DescriptionHeader': '', u'RecipientName': '', u'Position': '5', u'ApplicationBranch': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>Process industry</li>\n</ul>', u'DimensionHeader': '', u'Dimension': '', u'UID': '2231946e7be48dfb629d9e0d3b51bb38', u'TechnicalDiagram': '', u'Features': 'The level indicator functions by means of a floating ball and a magnet system. The movable two-color metal plates on the indicator strip on the outside of the vertical pipe are actuated/turned by the magnet system.', u'Certification': '', u'DescriptionText': '', u'SealCodes': '', u'MaterialCombination': '', u'ProductVariant': 'None', u'ProductName': 'SPL', u'ArticleNumber': '', u'SupplyForm': '', u'IDSealDrawing': '', u'GenerateMeasurement': '', u'DescriptionList': '<ul class="SGBulletList">\n<li>Simple and reliable technology</li>\n<li>Magnet system: level indicator functions even if there is a power failure, as it requires no auxiliary power</li>\n<li>For temperatures of up to 200\xc2\xb0C</li>\n<li>Installed in the vessel from above</li>\n</ul>', u'ApplicationMedia': ''}